I Love Popcorn By Mad Hatter Juice

Mad Hatter Juice is quickly becoming a real heavy hitter in the e-liquid world.   I Love Popcorn recently won the 1st place in the award winning flavour category at EXPOVAPE.  With all this hype around this new vape liquid lately we felt now was the perfect time to get vaping give it a full review.


When you inhale the first note you feel is a sweet creamy butter reminiscent of US style movie popcorn.  The second thing you notice is this flavour has a rather harsh effect on the throat.

The note on the exhale is truly a kettle corn flavour with a light salting.  The best comparison for the overall flavour is a popcorn jelly bean.

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This e-liquid is currently only available in 100ml format and can be bought in 3 strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.  Bragging the perfect popcorn to butter ratio I Love Popcorn really is the movie theatre popcorn experience in vape form.

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This liquid is currently available at ejuices.com

I Love Popcorn By Mad Hatter Juice
from: Mad Hatter Juice

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