Batch by Candy King


Batch by Candy King really is often represented as the crown jewel in the Candy King line.  The Candy King line is produced by Drip More an extremely well established e-liquids company that produces lines such as Cookie King and Milk King.

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Many people compare the flavour profile of this liquid to that of sour patch kids and vaping this liquid it’s easy to see why.  The most obvious similarity being the lemon and lime sour patch kids candies.

The inhale is a clear sweet flavour and the exhale represents the sourness.  The initial flavour is a light orange which blends nicely into a lemon and lime flavour.  A final taste of cherry completes the flavour profile.

This liquids flavour profile creates the perfect marriage of fruit and sugar.

More Info

Batch by Candy King e-liquid is currently available in 3 strengths 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg.  This sweet and sour e-liquid is the perfect fruity cocktail.

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This liquid is currently available at  They are currently running an offer of 63% off.

Batch by Candy King
from: Drip More

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